For Beloved One | Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly

This is by far my favourite skincare night mask product which I have been using for close to a month. Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly from For Beloved One favourite by Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu and me.


Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly goes beyond by giving that younger-looking skin everyday and looking at the mirror smiling to see the miracle result day by day.

Works wonders during sleep repairing the skin from that fatigue, dull complexion and loose skin. Repairs skin and maintains its firmness and resilience.

See miraculous changes

Relieve all skin problems overnight


Price 50ml – SGD$78

This night jelly contains Red Wine Polyphenols extracted. Powerful anti-oxidant, smoothen out wrinkles/fine lines and restore skin looking radiance.


  •  After regular skincare routine, apply desired amount onto entire face before bed and proceed with regular skincare routine the next morning. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.
  • Can also be used anytime, apply a thick layer onto face and wash off after 15-20 min, skin will become instantly brighter and smoother. Suitable for use before special events.
  • Can be used everyday, overall skin condition gets better day by day.

Red Wine Night Jelly, when applied to my skin it feel so cooling and gives my skin a relaxation which my skin have been craving for. My skin feels comfortable and as soon as I apply the jelly mask, it really penetrates deep into my skin. I love the texture of the night jelly mask.


Having to have all this common skin problems really stress me out but after applying this night regime before going to bed, my skin look so much refresh when my first time applied. After awhile it gives my skin that radiance, even skin tone and younger looking skin too. The texture of my skin feels so smooth and suppleness. I am very amazed by this Night Jelly.


Till today I have never stop applying and I have received a lot of compliments about my skin on how great my skin look without makeup and all thanks to this amazing which works like magic.

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    Exclusively sold @ Sephora:

  •  ION
  •  BUGIS+
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How about if I said that you can enjoy a very delicious fulfilling sandwich and not just a ordinary plain sandwich but it specialise in seafood sandwich.

Headover to CATCH ‘N BITE and enjoy your freshly seafood sandwich. Bento lovers you can get your bento sets and finger food at this cosy sandwich shop located at Westgate.


I was totally so excited that they have this soft shell crab sandwich! Attention! It’s soft shell crab people! My favourite!


Soft shell crab delicately rest between this bun and together with the juicy lettuces, pickles, tomatoes and spicy mayo to add kick to the taste. The first bite I had, I love the taste of everything. The combination of the soft shell crab and the spicy mayo really blends well together.

Crunchin’ Crab – $8.90

If CATCH ‘N BITE have crab sandwich, they definitely have other king seafood too, the lobster sandwich.

Their signature sandwich is the Ultimate Lobster Sandwich besides the Crunchin’ Crab.


The Maine lobster mixed together with egg and corn stuffed perfectly in these slightly spicy ciabatta sandwhich to satisfy our hunger.

Ultimate Lobster Sandwich – $12.90

Introducing you to Crunchin’ Shrimp.

Perfectly fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and what a better way to enjoy and have it in a sandwich way. I get to eat healthy too with having lettuce and tomato.

Crunchin’ Shrimp – $7.90

Another good news to share, it’s HALAL CERTIFIED

Everyone gets to enjoy and eat all the tasty sandwich and other varieties.

For finger food they have Seafood Tarts.

image image Many types and kind of taste you get to eat. From Smoked Salmon Salsa to Lobster Ebiko, Wasabi Mayo Shrimp and others.

Wasabi Smoke Salmon


I love wasabi so I tried their Wasabi Smoke Salmon and their Salmon really melts in my mouth. I just got to have more! Ohhh lalala..
image Credits: The Influencer Network image

Thank you William for the nice photo but didn’t got the time to arrange the tarts nicely.

These are some of their finger foods that really tasted so good. I can’t stop eating. It’s just so addictive.


Here is the menu where u can have a glimpse of their wide range of sandwich to seafood tarts.

image Credits: The Influencer Network

What’s more good news to share, specially to all my readers. Simply quote SitiCatchNBite and receive FREE Mango Chutney Shrimp Tart when you make purchase of any sandwich from the menu.

Thank you so much The Influencer Network and CATCH ‘N BITE for having me.

With the pretty gorgeously hair blogger Trista and blogger Gerald. image image
So what are you waiting for, get your friends and families come down and let your taste bud go wild.

Located at

image Credits: CATCH ‘N BITE

Featured image credits to The Influencer Network

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Style Bliss

I was sponsored to do a review for Style Bliss and I am very happy to even get to choose 2 outfit of my own choice. Style Bliss is a place to shop online with up to date fashion clothings and at affordable price too! I even got help from my friend Bob who owns Bob Hardy Photography to do a shoot for me with Style Bliss clothing.

Chiffon Black Dress from Style Bliss.

4I3A0387 wm

I like this chiffon black dress with the lovely subtle ruffles at the bottom. Ribbon tie on the back to create more elegant look and I like the dress layer by layer. A-line skirt dress favourite by all the ladies.

4I3A0410 wm

4I3A0385 wm

Crinkled silk chiffon dress just suit for every night occasion like prom or dinner date to even office wear. The length of the dress falls above my knee perfectly. Pairing with my heels I am ready to go out. Definitely! the dress which I will wear again!

4I3A0415 wm

I can create a executive neat look by tying my hair. Every ladies need to own a classic black dress which every woman should have in their wardrobe it’s essential.

Style Bliss – Quality Chic Ladies Apparel

Colourful Tube Dress (Green)

This Colorful Tube Dress is so cheeky and fun to wear. With a touch of black waist ribbon to add elegance and make the dress more stand out. The dress is a bit puffy but that makes me wants to twirl and twirl. I feel so alive and spirited free. Totally in love with this chic design tube dress.

   4I3A0481 wm4I3A0490 wm

The layered puffy tube dress in patchwork design is suitable for day and night occasions. Zipper at the back of the dress and padded bust which makes it more comfortable and confidence to wear.

4I3A0510 wm

Style Bliss sure knows what we ladies wants. They have lovely pretty apparels where you can browse through their many categories.

Shop online now at Style Bliss and read on their customer review and check out on their sale section!

P/S: Thank you Style Bliss for having me to do review for Style Bliss and waited so long for this due post and lastly thank you to Bob Hardy for the awesome photos!

Random Stuff


Women can never have enough pair of shoes. One of my favourite types of shoes are BOOTS. Boots are so fashionable and in a way and it just makes me look taller. I have always love boots eversince I was a little girl.

Share with you the kinds of boots which I really love.

High boots to me look so sexy especially  when worn with a dress and a jacket on. High boots can create the trendy look and it’s like the centre piece of attention.


This Black NICOH Leather High Boots by Nine West now for only S$179. Usual price is S$365.

Besides, high boots I also love ankle boots. Boots are so comfortable to wear even with heels. I guess because they are covered shoes.

Black DEVIL Chelsea Bootie by Steve Madden is just my type of boots. Pointed toe boots looks more confident, fierce and elegant. It goes well with ankle jeans.


If you realised make up artist wear only block heels boots, like this Black Block Heel Chelsea Boots by River Island. (Picture below)



Looks more professional and easy to move around I guess.

Thanked to the person who created this shoe, and we ladies get to dress up from head to toe. It’s about time for you ladies who haven’t yet own a pair of boots to go shop and find your boots now. Once you slipped it on to your favourite pair of boots it’s like you own the world.

Shop for boots for women online.

Random Stuff

Born Pretty | Holo Polish

Out of all the nail polish, holo/holographic nail polish are one of my favourite nail polish. I am so lucky to get to review this Born Pretty Holo Polish. This nail polish is incredibly pretty and dazzling. It is so glittery, shimmering and shiny. I really like the color and I was so surprised by how fast this polish dries out. Some nail polish takes forever to dry out but not this nail polish for sure!


You can see the texture of the polish, it’s thick and it’s easy to apply. I only need to apply 2 layer and I can see the contrast of the nail polish and it really does outshine. For more intense apply 1 layer base coat + 2-3 layers colored polish and top coat. Born Pretty Holo Polish doesn’t even chip easily.


Now I find that I can’t get my eyes off my glossy nails. It’s so mesmerizing and I am in love with Born Pretty Holo Polish. It really gives of that finish shiny look and it even suits all types of skin tone.


This  cute handy nail polish is one of the nail polish I will forever keep buying like forever and it’s straight goes under my favourite nail polish list. You can visit Born Pretty Store website HERE and browse through all of their nail polish. Oh and ladies, remember to quote SNH10K31 to get your 10% OFF!

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Glamabox | July 2014

Thank you again Glamabox for having me to do a review for July edition. July edition, I received many skincare products which I find it very good.


I will show you what is in July glamabox.

Purer Skin Miracle Serum 10ml

Standard Size Price: SGD 99.00

Sweep away dark spots, fine lines, and wrikes with the exclusive and speical formula using essence from bird’s nest.  Visible younger and firmer effect is seen in 7 days.

Filare – Collagen filato fabric ball X 3 + serum 5ml

Standard Size Price: SGD 123.00

100% natural collagen condenses to touchable fabric ball has became a true by using the world’s first moist advance technology. It is a patented technology that only Filare has. The moist advance technology captures the triple helix structure in collagen, which turns collagen to something touchable. The collagen filato would form a shield to prevent water lost, heal damped skin from dryness and reduce fine lines. Use the special hyaluronic acid serum to dissolve the fabric ball to contain double hydrating effect in one step. Suitable for all type of skin, specially dry and mature skin.


Standard Size Price: SGD 27.00

Snail White successfully concentrate ceramide into a paper mask to focus on healing the 4 most common skin issues: winkles, roughness, sensitive and dryness. Only 20 minutes a day and a notable change in skin tones and hydration could be seen.

ISA WORKSHOP French Spring Water Hydrating Essence Face Mask 1pc or Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask 1pc

Standard Size Price: SGD 19.00

Each piece contains 35ml of “French Spring Water Essence” that consists over 60 different kinds of trace elements and vitamin complex.  They provide skin with balancing, soothing and regenerating benefits.  With the high penetrating power of spring water essence, it delivers all the nutrients to the deepest layers of skin, giving an intense moisture balancing power better than ever.  It also helps to eliminate impurities, detoxify and tonify the skin, leaves skin feeling soft and soothed immediately.  This unique treatment provides skin with all the benefits of a thermal spring at home, intensely moisturizing, feeling fresh, supple and glowing with radiant.
Each piece contains 35ml of “Intensive Whitening Essence“, Green Tea Extract, Licorice and Vitamin C providing instant whitening effect and fades out spots and freckles. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid moisturize for 24 hours whilst firming and providing resilience.  Algae Extract, Lubrajel Oil and Allantoin keep skin relaxed and soft. Vitamin E and Amino Acid provide anti-oxidant and wrinkles-diminishing effect for proper and effective skin replenishment that quickly restores the natural beauty of whitened skin.

Abeeco Anti-Aging Crème 1g X 2 + Royal Eye Crème 1g X 2 + Abeeco Bee Venom Mask 1g X 2

Standard Size Price: SGD 256.00

Anti-Aging Crème A cream that contains luxurious and beautiful ingredients such as Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey and Jojoba Oil. Softening and smoothening skin by promote skin cells renewal.  Also, with helps of collagen, it can improve skin density thus allows skin to return its best elastic quality.

Royal Eye Crème Everyone knows the Royal Jelly is benefit from youthful and beautiful skin. Abeeco special and silky formula has an anti aging quality that can smoothen, moisturizing, and reduce appearance of fine lines.  It can easily be absorbed.  Refreshing and sparkling eyes are ready for you to obtain.

Bee Venom Mask Combining the most advance anti winkle technique and Bee Venom and Manuka Honey from New Zealand, and unique natural herbal formula to expand its functions to the most extend. It repairs skin by remove fine lines, smoothen and provide lifting and firming.

MÍOGGÍ White Genion Total Radiance Serum 8ml + White Genion Cell Nutrient Enhancer 8g + Hex Perfector Illuminating Magic BB 1g + Hex Magic Foremilk Cleansing Powder 1g + Definite Renewal Overnight Program 3ml


Standard Size Price: SGD 239.00

White Genion Total Radiance Serum is a ground-breaking concentrate to rediscover skin brightness, help prevent and fade existing age spots, lift sagging contour and smooth wrinkles.

White Genion Cell Nutrient Enhancer is a wakeup call for flawless skin. This super-hydrating and anti-aging cream can uplift and revitalize skin, whilst effectively repairing of damaged skin cells.

Hex Perfector Illuminating Magic BB provides radiant and transparent skin as well as improves skin problems such as laxity and fine lines.

Hex Magic Foremilk Cleansing Powder helps skin to regain perfection by effectively strengthening the skin immune system, removing impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Definite Renewal Overnight Program provides the supplements to strengthen skin structural components, promotes cellular repair, boosts skin metabolism, and quenches skin with moisture and nutrients while asleep.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] 3ml + Effaclar Mat 3ml

Standard Size Price: SGD 108.00

Thanks to a new patented active ingredient [PROCERAD™], this newEFFACLAR DUO [+] not only contributes to anti-inflammatory and anti-pigmentary actions, but also the prevention of marks.  All together with other ingredients, it offers the most complete action on the symptoms of acne-prone skin.  Clinically proven studies have shown its double anti-inflammatory actions, reduction in the pimple’s redness in just 24 hours and reduction on the pimple’s diameter and volume in just 4 days.  It is suitable for males and females.  Skin is deeply nourished after application with its highly-

I have always wanted to above brand skincare products but thankfully and finally I got to know how excellent the products is.

Back purchase your Glamabox July 2014 box HERE


Thank you once again Glamabox for this great opportunity. I am never get bored to try different kinds of brand or makeup products. I always got attracted to their box! Love the design the colors too! I always observed every single thing and that whats makes it very valuable. It’s worth buying Glamabox since the quality and service is tip-top. You can see how worth it is!